ILC-GLFY 2022: stronger together

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I am Laureen Ongesa from Kenya, working with Resource Conflict Institute (RECONCILE). I participated in the ILC-GLFY 2022 and would like to share my experience with you.

“The Global Land Forum Youth held on 20-26th May 2022 in Jordan. Organized by International Land Coalition (ILC), the GLFY brought all youth together from different Regions (EMENA, Latin America, Africa) to speak one voice and challenge discussion youth land rights.

This very first edition of the GLFY forum provided a great opportunity for the youth to learn and share experiences based on the different mechanism from their respective organizations in addressing land matters across different countries of ILC.

Women and youth access, the use and ownership of land are challenged by different unfavorable and complex land tenure systems. In addition, customary practices across different regions hinder youth land rights and prevent the youth from accessing land.

It is clear that without a better access to land, there is no farming and no innovation. Hunger and poverty will therefore become difficult to reduce let alone to eradicate. Furthermore, poverty and unemployment among youth has been proven to be a major cause of instability in several parts of the world.

This forum therefore provided youth with a platform to find solutions and address issues to youth land rights through the youth declaration as a first step. And as youth we are committed and are calling upon different land actors to support development of youth-oriented advocacy, create more options for rural youth to participate in off-farm employment, identification and promotion of small land-intensive farming activities that targets the youth, strengthening of rural youth organizations and youth participation in policy making processes.

The participants of the GLFY2022, together with the ILC will come up with a global after GLFY2022 action plan to foster and shape a better tomorrow for our generation and the ones to come.

Because, there is need to go beyond talking to action and have youth into spaces but also to have the youth responsible of their own future.

Because, we (youth) have the power to positively influence decision making processes.

Because we (youth) are stronger together, and there is no future without youth and we have the power to build the future”

ILC-GLFY 2022: stronger together



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