FIADI introduces 40 young girls to engineering professions

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In order to contribute to financial empowerment era of women, FIADI (Women Ingenieures Actives pour le D inclusive development) organizes a capacity building workshop in masonry, plumbing and production of renewable energy to 40 young girls who did not have the chance to continue schoolingé. They rejoice over it.


It is 10 am in Kinindo, southwest of Bujumbura, the economic capital of Burundi. This Wednesday the activities take place at CEPRODILIC (center for the production and distribution of Christian literature) located in Kinindo at 10 am.


Classified in groups according to the trades, 40 young girls learn plumbing, masonry and the production of renewable energy from organic waste.

For Jeanette Kaneza, president of FIADI , these girls come from different provinces. These are Ruyigi, Cankuzo, Mwaro, Rumonge and Bujumbura. As they have not had the chance to continue their studies, these trades will help them meet their needs.


Besides sewing, the girl will be exercising other m stirrups?


Method Ndayiragije assures the function of framer during these trainings. He lets it be known that in Rumonge, where he is from, the profession to which the girls are used is sewing. The framer confesses: “With us, more than 80% of girls do sewing as a profession”.

On the other hand, reassures Method Ndayiragije “with these capacity reinforcements organized by FIADI , I believe they will embrace other trades such as plumbing, masonry and the production of renewable energy ”


The m So-called male stalls benefit women?

“Right now let ‘s stop believing in masculinity or the femininity of work, let’s put the emphasis on technical skills, “says Jeanette Kaneza.” When you learn well, you succeed and suddenly you manage to meet your needs, “she adds.

Same story with Julienne Ininahazwe from Ruyigi: “I was blocked by the 9th year competition, I had the chicken breeding project in mind. I found it impossible because of the lack of funds but with these trades I believe to work then thanks to the salary my dream will become a reality. ”

It should be noted that the creation of new technical sectors in rural areas has been accompanied by a strong expansion of the workforce. This situation is the result of a strong enthusiasm for technical education.

However, this sector faces the challenges linked to the low diversification of training offers, the difficulties of professional integration as well as the lack of qualified teachers according to the National Human Development Report 2019.


By Christophe Niyongendako



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