#ZeroSachetPlastique campaign of the NGO ALODE

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The #ZeroSachetPlastique campaign is the very first part of the project Alternative Bag .

#ZeroSachetPlastic is a large-scale collective operation aimed at the sustainable eradication of the use of plastic bags in Benin society. It comes in a series of collaborative activities carried out jointly by social actors for populations both in the field and on the internet and social networks.

  • The awareness song

The NGO ALODE collaborated with the traditional music group Djihogan 229 and the artist Djidoh for the production of a hymn linked at the bottom of this paragraph for the benefit of the campaign. The objective being to communicate the awareness message to as many people as possible, we deemed it more effective to capitalize on an existing piece which has already proven its worth at the level of the public. This is how the Jerusalema hit was taken over to a traditional rhythm with lyrics rewritten in local languages. STOP PLASTIC BAGS is the title of this song intended to be distributed on social networks, over the airwaves and via the physical channels necessary for a wide impact.


Reflection Workshop on Plastic Bag Alternatives (ARASP)

The fight against plastic bags is not an individual matter but rather a common cause. It is on the strength of this conviction that since the start of the initiative #ZeroSachetPlastic ALODE invites other NGOs and associations involved in this field to lend us a hand. The ARASP materializes this desire for necessary collaboration between the social actors with a view to a beneficial synergy effect for the resolution of the problem concerned.

ARASP is a collective agreement that wishes to bring together ALODE and its peers non-governmental organizations to reflect together on

  • the factors explaining the persistence of plastic bags in our context,
  • a collaborative strategy to better popularize the law on the prohibition of plastic bags in the Republic of Benin,
  • sustainable alternatives to adopt and promote as a replacement for plastic bags.

ARASP’s work will be based on a “design thinking” approach in order to mobilize the creativity of all stakeholders to achieve innovative and effective results. A call for participation will be launched to the NGOs and associations concerned by the theme.

  • The tour

Third step of the #ZeroSachetPlastique campaign, it is a collective field trip (physical and digital) for the promotion and implementation of ARASP resolutions among populations throughout Benin’s national territory. . The particularity is that this tour is not limited in time but permanent until an effective change in behavior towards plastic bags is obtained.

In addition to the awareness sessions, it will be manifested by the distribution of aprons bearing the campaign logo to the good ladies, and by several other activities agreed during the brainstorming workshop.












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