Tresia, on the way to become a big farmer!

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Ndafa is based in Oname, in the Ohangwena region of Namibia. She farms a small plot of land, which is part of her family’s communal land. Tresia says her dream is to get her own land and farm on a large scale.
In addition to access to land, one of the main challenges is access to capital to fence and expand her garden. Access to water is also a challenge for Tresia, as she uses borehole water but needs pipes to set up an irrigation system.

Specifically, she needs to invest in a tank to save water and use it for the plants.
Tresia is part of Women In Agriculture in Namibia, a Namibian-based capacity building organisation founded by Ms Helvi Shindume.
She grows tomatoes, onions, spinach and sweet potatoes.



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