Tresia, on the way to become a big farmer!

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Ndafa is based in Oname, in the Ohangwena region of Namibia. She farms a small plot of land, which is part of her family’s communal land. Tresia says her dream is to get her own land and farm on a large scale.
In addition to access to land, one of the main challenges is access to capital to fence and expand her garden. Access to water is also a challenge for Tresia, as she uses borehole water but needs pipes to set up an irrigation system.

Specifically, she needs to invest in a tank to save water and use it for the plants.
Tresia is part of Women In Agriculture in Namibia, a Namibian-based capacity building organisation founded by Ms Helvi Shindume.
She grows tomatoes, onions, spinach and sweet potatoes.


  • comment-avatar
    OT Kaanduka 1 year ago

    May we support women in Agriculture for profitable and sustainable Agribusiness, because with the support from all of us they will succeed.

    Keep pushing Ndahafa, you are an inspiration. The best is yet to come.

    DeLA Namibia

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