Rural women in Burkina Faso

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Rural women in Burkina Faso and agriculture

Rural women in Burkina Faso are often perceived as the weakest link in society; the role they are given is that of housewife. This is wrong, of course, because in most African countries, and in particular in rural areas, women are very active in the production of wealth: in fact, they are the main factor in wealth creation.
Rural African women are the first to get up and the last to go to bed. Here we present some women from Burkina Faso who not only invest themselves in agriculture, but also brave all the socio-community difficulties they face in a daily life strongly influenced by the Coronavirus.

Rural women in Burkina-Faso

Who are these women and what do they do?

From the Plateau-centre, the rural women of Burkina Faso have everything to impress: black skin naturally tanned by the sun, a typically African style of dress with scarves on their heads whose colours reflect the beauty and richness of the Burkinabe culture; they embody the values that define an African woman.
These beautiful ladies have decided to be more than housewives. They have taken it upon themselves to make themselves useful not only for their families, but also for the whole rural community of which they are part.

Agriculture as an empowerment option for rural women in Burkina Faso

Agriculture is the main sector in which they are involved. Courageous and strong in character, they take care of all the tasks related to their activity themselves. From clearing the soil, planting the seeds, watering, and all the other musts to harvesting, these Burkinabé women fighters are living proof that women can succeed as much as or even better than men in agriculture.
They produce tomatoes, onions, aubergine, okra, cabbage and many other useful vegetables for the community. Some of them specialise in processing non-timber forest products (monkey bread juice, liana, wild grapes, etc.); and others in marketing. All these rural women devote their lives to agriculture in all its forms.

Rural women in Burkina-Faso

Beyond the difficulties

It seems important to note that some of these rural women encountered some difficulties that did not discourage them.
Indeed, one of them claimed to have abandoned her home because of the violence caused by the extremists. In addition, the COVID 19 pandemic does not help matters. But despite all the affronts and difficulties they face, these rural women are still working hard every day to make a name for themselves.elsewhere, the COVID 19 pandemic is not helping matters.
These rural women are examples to follow. Today, it must be recognised that rural women do not only belong in the home or on the delivery table. They also have their place in cooperatives, fields, gardens, etc… Rural women are capable of bringing about sustainable change and development. Therefore, they need support to better help achieve our common sustainable development goals: eradicating poverty, ensuring food security, reducing inequalities, etc…



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