Quid novi, under the Reunion sun?

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Despite the restrictions imposed by Covid19, LEAR association continues to activate on several fronts. LEAR shares here some resources related to the SDGs.


In April, our LEAR Association used its Twitter account @LireAgir a lot to communicate about the SDGs on the one hand, and on the books that we consult before offering them in our workshops, on the other hand.

On April 23, we particularly wanted to commemorate the World Book and Copyright Day , initiated by UNESCO. It seems to us more important than ever to promote books and reading as vectors of knowledge, well-being and equality.

In this month of April, we were asked by a library in the capital to intervene during the operation Go to book , in July. We were asked to put together a fun awareness-raising program around this year’s theme “Sea and Wonders”. When you live on an island, it is particularly relevant to address the protection of aquatic environments. We will therefore do our best to provide pleasant, high-quality entertainment around SDG14.

We plan to use the Frieda tale among others, as well as the climate action superheroes, two free resources proposed by the UN.

Provided that the sanitary situation allows it, of course …

We discovered…

Tools and resources that we find very interesting, and that we want to share with you. If you have others, we are interested!

You are an event organizer and you want them to have a minimal impact on the environment. ADERE *, an ADEME tool, allows you to calculate and assess its environmental impact and offers support in the “responsible” event approach,.

* ADERE: Environmental Self-Diagnosis for Event Managers

Card game “ Do together », De la Fonda: a cooperative game, based on the resolution of challenges linked to the targets of the Sustainable Development Goals. The game meets three main objectives:

  1. Appropriate the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs, know how to mobilize them and put them at the service of its projects and alliances
  2. Develop the partnership reflex
  3. Understand the major challenges of today and organize collectively to build a sustainable future

The climate fresco : a card game to help collectively understand climate change (from 8-9 years old for the junior version).

The super heroes of the climate action: funny and useful actions to set up with children under 12 years old.

The countryside of the United Nations to encourage children around the world to be actors in climate action and resources for the implementation of actions.

Planet man , an educational web-comic from Réseau Action climat France. It raises awareness of carbon emissions and provides tips for reducing its impact on the climate (transport, food, soil). This resource is free and freely accessible online.

We wish…

Participate in a training session on the animation of parts of the game “Doing together”

Attend a presentation session of the game La fresque du climat to eventually follow the training of the game leader.

When? This remains to be defined, because we already have something to do …

Professionalization in progress

In order to respond even better to the requests made to us, and to disseminate the messages of the 2030 Agenda even more effectively, our Association has decided to improve in its two areas of intervention:

– Reading and writing

– The SDGs

Since mid-April, we have been following intensive training, which should last one year, on leading writing workshops. This training is fully supported by Pôle emploi and will result in certification. It could give us additional credibility for projects in schools, for example.

We also applied for a program called Mouv’Outre-Mer , and this one was retained. Mouv’Outre-Mer is a project of the Ministry of Overseas Territories, supported by the AFD . Its mission is to support transitions in the French overseas territories. In this context, we are going, in May, to start a particularly innovative training course, sanctioned by a professional title of level 6, i.e. Bac + 3.

See you soon under the sign of the SDGs!

Stephanie R



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