Kit Hub trains civil engineers

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To deal with the unemployment problem in Burundi, Kit Hub is strengthening the capacity of civil engineers on the use of software such as Archicad.

Unemployment affects a large part of the youth in Burundi. Civil engineering graduates are not spared. Employers blamed them for lack of experience. Kit Hub, which is an organization of young people of various talents, wants to do battle by training these young people.

The train is already underway for this organization, Hub Kit . This Saturday, May 22, 2021, Kit Hub trained and certified around ten engineers. This first promotion is made up of engineers who have ten to twenty five years of experience. It is an added value for them. Kit Hub, through this training, encouraged participants to work according to technological developments.

But immediately, Emmando MPUTELA, accuses the current universities. He asserts that “these universities train graduates instead of intellectuals. In our time (note the 80s) we did internships during the holidays. I fear that the practice is no longer in these training houses ”, explains Engineer Emmando.

Engineer Emmando adds that: “the current young laureates bring us diplomas when they are null in practice. They don’t know how to do research either. We have just finished with training to be able to compete in the labor market. In no case will we escape this rapid evolution in technology, ”adds Ir MPUTELA.

Gérard Ndayisenga, for his part, has twenty years of experience, evokes the challenge of construction companies. “Lack of applied, well-trained experts, these companies carry out constructions that collapse in a period of time. This is what entered to happen on these bridges that are collapsing one by one in Burundi . Studies are not well done ”, tries to explain Ir Ndayisenga.

Concretely, four computer software will allow an update, an adaptation to the new technology. These are the subjects of the training of these engineers in Civil Engineering. It’s about of Archicad, Artlantis, Cypecad, Quoter Plan.

Rehabilitate and plan cities

First of all, this training structure is in line with the objective of sustainable development number eleven. According to Ir Alexis NYAMWANA, civil engineering must be promoted in order to be able to build in a solid way, the cities and the country.

For him, urbanization by 2025 will make it possible to present another face of Burundi where cities will constitute real poles of development. It will also make Burundi a country where non-agricultural jobs will be created through major civil engineering works and economic development projects. This new face of Burundi is in line with the vision “Burundi 2025”, in its pillar 7 which speaks of “ land use planning and urbanization “.

Indeed, the training and supervision program initiated by Kit Hub will allow these young people to have practical skills in order to be able to sell themselves on the job market. In doing so, Kit Hub contributes directly to reducing the number of young people trained in civil engineering but who find themselves unemployed.

It would also be a great asset for the development of the country which uses a workforce made up of more than 85% of primary level, only 10.8% having passed through secondary or higher education.

But to reach this level, the order of engineers is a necessity so that there is also order in the award of public contracts. The work of Kit Hub is to be appreciated, but it should be a starting point for organizing anyone who has been trained in engineering.


Through Pascal NDAYISENGA



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