GLFY2022: the future of land governance designed by the youth

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ILC-GLFY - Blog4sdgsI am Georges Gambadatoun, representing YILAA at this very first Global Land Forum Youth (GLFY). As part of the Africa delegation, I would like to share my experience at this global youth gathering with you throughout this week.

GLFY - Blog4sdgsThe GLFY was launched this Saturday the 21st of May by the Jordanian Minister of Youth and is happening in Jordan.

The youth under 35 are gathered during the GLFY to be able to influence but also to take active part in land governance around the globe. This meeting is very unique in many aspects.

GLFY - Blog4sdgsFirst and foremost, the organizing team, made up of young people from different countries, is dedicated and passionate even though the agenda of the conference puts them under a real pressure. Also, the selected participants brought strong expertise, specific as well as diverse on land governance supported by field work experience from their different countries where they are based in.

GLFY - Blog4sdgsDuring the first day of the conference, participants got to listen and interact with their peers on the challenges the existing land governance systems expose us to but also the horrendous discrimination young women and indigenous people are facing in many countries of the world as they are still completely denied access to land.

Today, the second day of the conference, I am very satisfied reflecting on the output of day one, and the work we are delivering is a great service to our generation.

GLFY - Blog4sdgsI should mention that the Jordanian minister of the youth was present at the official opening. He took the time to listen to us before his official speech but also stayed after to interact with the participants. We will present our Youth Declaration in his company on the first day of the Global Land Forum.

Day one of our gathering then ended with some GTKEO (Getting To Know Each Other) activities. Participants shared little presents from their different countries. I left the conference site after dinner very excited and satisfied said Mamadou Diop, a delegate from Senegal.

Knowing the amount of pressure that comes along with such an international conference, as a participant, I would like to congratulate the organizing team, the Jordanian Youth Ministry, SEEDS, ILC team members for their commitment.

To my fellow participants, let us keep up with the active participation and the high quality of engagement we have started to create at this conference.

GLFY - Blog4sdgs





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