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My name is Shimron Kiptoo from Kenya, Working with Chepkitale Indigenous People Development Project as an Intern. I am among the ILC fellows that took part in the in the Future leaders fellowship program which was organized by International Land Coalition (ILC).

I participated in the ever first Global Land Forum Youth (GLFY) held in Jordan from 21st – 23rd May 2022. Here is my experience in this high level gathering in which the youth was privileged to be part of.

The event brought together 100 youth across the world who converged with a main goal to consolidated their thoughts and work results on the best solutions to addressing the problems facing them (access, use and governance of land for this matter) in their respective countries and their communities in particular.

I was particularly keen to hear on the Indigenous youth and recognition of their land and territorial rights. Which has been a major problem affecting the Indigenous people across the world where the states and development agencies forcefully evict the Indigenous people from their land all in the name of development.

The other aspect that caught my attention was the role of youth in climate change and more so the Indigenous youth. It was clear enough that there are measures that need to be put in place: The need to acknowledge the traditional knowledge in fighting climate change found itself into the discussion. Equally the need to engage the youth in meaningful climate discussions and advocacy.

Entrusting the youth with leadership position to better define the future they need for themselves and also the coming generations. Enhancing the capacity of the youth through climate education and also supporting them financially and through trainings too. “Indigenous people, young people should leaders of climate action, not victims of climate policies”

The forum was a great opportunity for we(youth) to prosecute our case before the International organizations, policy formulating bodies and even the enforcement agencies. We (youth) have for a long time been on the back seat and it’s time for us to define what future we want.

There has been too much talk in the board rooms and high end meetings but now it is time that action needs to be taken.

It is either now or never!




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