Cooperative Umushinge W’iterambere supports the SDGs

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The Umushinge W’iterambere Cooperative not only engages in the fight against climate change, but the cooperative also works for the economic emancipation of its community.

In Burundi, bare mountains can be seen in some provinces of the country. This is the cause of the presence of eroded places on which it is very difficult to practice agriculture and livestock which are the main income-generating activities for the Burundian population.

As there is strength in unity, the effects of climate change are fought within associations and / or cooperatives. Here, the Umushinge W’iterambere Cooperative (CO.UI in acronym) enters the dance.

Founded in February 2019 by NTAMAKIRIRO LEVY who is its president today, This cooperative is registered under the Burundian administration and has its own Tax Identification Number and the Trade Register issued by the Investment Promotion Agency (API ).

In addition, CO.UI has been recognized by the National Agency for the Promotion and Regulation of Cooperative Societies (ANACOOP) since 2/15/2020 and its head office is based on Matongo hill, Ndava area, Ndava commune of mwaro province. .

A contribution to community development.

Intervening in agriculture, processing and marketing of agro-food products, environmental protection as well as in the savings and credit sector; CO.UI is made up of 75 members of which 42 are women and men are 33 in number.

With a total of 50 young people, it is classified among the youth cooperatives. it has grouped within it minority people commonly called the Batwa. Raising the level of life of these target people is the mission that the cooperative has assigned itself.

Fight unemployment

Levy Ntamakiriro, the founding president says: “The vision of our cooperative is to create jobs for young people who are currently unemployed”

He adds: “We all know that the state alone cannot provide employment for all young people who are able to work. This is the reason which pushed us to create this cooperative in order to find the appropriate solutions to this problem of unemployment which threatens the young people of Burundi ”

The Umushinge W’iterambere Cooperative, as an NGO, acts in the social sector. We visited the Batwa site of Kamushiha hill on 10/01/2020, the day of the celebration of the international day of the oldest . There, we assisted the 6 oldest people.

The president of La Cooperative Umushinge W’iterambere reports that as of 13/1/2021 20 Health Insurance Cards have been distributed for the benefit of the members of the cooperative. He agrees to continue gradually until all members take possession of this card.

The breeding which goes hand in hand with the protection of the environment …

The cooperative with 12 goats which feed in the barn. This allows the cooperative to collect manure which is very useful in its agricultural activities.

It has planted more than 10 thousand plants in schools such as: ENAC KIBIMBA, ECOFO MATONGO, LYCEE COMMUNAL DE MPANUKA, ZONE NDAVA and in the capital of the commune NDAVA. She gave more than 3000 gravilea plants to the population of Ndava commune.

Although she is very active, there are plenty of obstacles. She uses the land she rented from a service provider and lacks pump motorcycles to irrigate their fields. His clientele is mainly the surrounding population, the Jiti market in Kibimba and the patients of the kibimba hospital.

To see how it contributes to the development of Burundi, the Umushinge W’iterambere cooperative deserves to be supported materially and financially to allow it to increase production and hence increase the number of jobs created and contribute to the eradication of poverty .

By Canon Felix



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