SDG 2030 Agenda

Bloggers from all over the world have their say on Blog4SDGs

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SDG 2030 Agenda

Bloggers from all over the world have their say on Blog4SDGs

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Discover and understand through the Cam4SDGs section models from various backgrounds in Africa and elsewhere that deserve attention and support to serve as examples to be replicated around the world to achieve the SDGs

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Our services

We communicate for NGOs and organizations working to implement the SDGs

Communication for the SDGs

Whether you are a local NGO or an international NGO working in an African country, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team members work in different African countries (Benin, Namibia, Burundi, Cameroon, DRC, Reunion, etc.) and are happy to cover any project or initiative that you are currently implementing.

We can send a member of our team to any event you are hosting or write a general article about your organization’s specific work or project.
We can also produce podcasts in documentary or interview form.

Our ultimate goal is to give visibility to African initiatives and to change the discourse that is held about the African continent for a better planet.

Through our podcasts, we want to contribute to the inclusion of all social strata in communication for and around the SDGs in Africa. Our podcasts are produced in the local languages spoken in the countries where we work.


Are you an organization, NGO or an individual planning to implement an SDG related project in an African country? Or are you just looking for more information on what is currently being done to achieve the SDGs in Africa?

Our consultants work in different African countries and have access to a large network of local and international NGOs that implement initiatives related to the SDGs.

We can give you advice and ideas based on our local expertise.

We can provide you with information on projects related to a specific SDG, information on the implementation of the SDGs in a particular country or we can also give you a more general overview.

Please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can tailor the information you need in the best possible way.

For companies, we also offer our content writing service for their websites. We produce content in English and French.

We offer our consultancy expertise for organizations that need information on the implementation of the SDGs in African countries

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